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The peri-to-post-menopause transition is a completely normal & natural part of a woman’s life. It’s a time when our hormones change, & our bodies shift towards the end of fertility. It’s a period of our lives to take stock & look after ourselves

so that we can live our best lives & thrive going forward.

How I can Help

Whether you’re approaching menopause, going through it right now, or have survived & made it out the other end, my ‘Menopause Foundational Health’ programme can help you set a course to navigate your current & future health.

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What is the ‘Menopause Foundational Health’ programme?

The Menopause Foundational Health programme is a series of signature courses designed to help you understand what’s happening to your body during this phase. I want to arm you with the knowledge & solutions needed to create a solid foundation that will better prepare you for your menopause.

And here’s a hint: it’s not all exercise & dieting!

Whether you want to

* Increase your energy & improve your sleep

* Improve your concentration & clear brain fog

* Need exercise strategies & nutrition plans to enhance your health or help with weight management:

The ‘Menopause Foundational Health’ programme will have a course, programme or webinar that will deliver

the solutions that can help.


Personalised Plan

Get 1:1 Personal Help

£60 per session


Online Group Events

One off events with friends and other people!

No upcoming events at the moment


Menopause Basics

What is it?

Join my 5 week online course where you’ll learn some of the most important things that will help you navigate your menopause transition.

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  • Intro video or article explains what menopause is, what's happening to your body, & hormones during this life phase

  • Detail the stages of menopause

  • Provide strategies for optimising nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, & mindset

  • Worksheets to complete as we work through the course - build a personalised, comprehensive health & fitness plan that will help you feel energized & empowered during your transition - key to getting big results for years to come.

  • Closed Facebook group - community space full of valuable women-specific information - ask questions, engage & connect with like-minded women

  • Weekly emails with content, videos, & articles

What You'll Learn:

  • You'll gain the knowledge & skills to help them change their lives

  • How to increase their energy, improve sleep & reduce stress

  • How to define what it is you want from this life phase by getting on 3 crucial things

    • The truth about hormones & weight gain during menopause​

    • How to put 4 critical nutrition skills into practice & why restrictive diets won't get sustainable results

    • How to prevent or potentially reverse age-related bone & muscle loss

  • How to transform your mindset - 3 strategies to help overcome common obstacles

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