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Nutrition Basics

Do you want to improve your nutrition without giving up your favourite foods or changing what you eat?⁠


If your answer is ‘YES’, then this FREE 5-day Nutrition Basics course is for you.

Whether your goal is to:

  • Gain muscle and strength⁠

  • Lose body fat⁠

  • Improve your overall health⁠

  • Increase your energy and mood⁠

  • Stop stressing about what you’re eating


You’ll learn how to do it in this FREE 5-Day Course.⁠⁠

Free Resources

What is the ‘Menopause Foundational Health’ programme?

The Menopause Foundational Health programme is a series of signature courses designed to help you understand what’s happening to your body during this phase. I want to arm you with the knowledge & solutions needed to create a solid foundation that will better prepare you for your menopause.

And here’s a hint: it’s not all exercise & dieting!

Whether you want to

* Increase your energy & improve your sleep

* Improve your concentration & clear brain fog

* Need exercise strategies & nutrition plans to enhance your health or help with weight management:

The ‘Menopause Foundational Health’ programme will have a course, programme or webinar that will deliver

the solutions that can help.


As simple as they sound, these 5 skills will help you take control of your eating habits & enable you to become YOUR strongest, healthiest, & most confident version of yourself.

Online Group Events

One off events with friends and other people!

No upcoming events at the moment

I’ll introduce you to 5 simple nutrition practices

1.       Slow down & eat more slowly⁠

2.       Eat without distraction⁠

3.       Put your fork down between bites⁠

4.       Chew your food thoroughly⁠

5.       Stop and savour⁠

that will help you overcome you nutrition struggles:

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