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The peri-to-post-menopause transition is a completely normal & natural part of a woman’s life. It’s a time when our hormones change, & our bodies shift towards the end of fertility. It’s a period of our lives to take stock & look after ourselves

so that we can live our best lives & thrive going forward.

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What is the ‘Menopause Foundational Health’ programme?

The Menopause Foundational Health programme is a series of signature courses designed to help you understand what’s happening to your body during this phase. I want to arm you with the knowledge & solutions needed to create a solid foundation that will better prepare you for your menopause.

And here’s a hint: it’s not all exercise & dieting!

Whether you want to

* Increase your energy & improve your sleep

* Improve your concentration & clear brain fog

* Need exercise strategies & nutrition plans to enhance your health or help with weight management:

The ‘Menopause Foundational Health’ programme will have a course, programme or webinar that will deliver

the solutions that can help.


Personalised Plan

Get 1:1 Personal Help

£60 per session


Online Group Events

One off events with friends and other people!

No upcoming events at the moment


Menopause Basics

What is it?

Do you want to transform your menopause experience, but don’t know where to start?

If your answer is ‘YES’, then my online 5-Week Menopause Basics group coaching programme is for you!

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Whether you want to:

  • Increase your energy & improve your sleep

  • Improve your concentration & clear brain fog

  • Manage hot flushes & night sweats

  • Need exercise strategies & nutrition plans to enhance your health,

  • Or want help with weight management

This foundational course will introduce you to the solutions that can help.

Over the 5-weeks we’ll discuss some of the most important elements that will help you navigate your menopause transition - setting you on a course to thrive during this life phase. 

We’ll look at the three stages of menopause, & what’s going on with our bodies as we transit through each. 

We’ll uncover powerful strategies for optimising your nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, & mindset.

And you’ll build a personalised, comprehensive health & fitness plan that will help you feel energised & empowered during your transition.

What you’ll learn over the 5-weeks:

  • You’ll gain the knowledge & skills to help you change your life

  • How to increase your energy, improve your sleep, & reduce your stress

  • How to define what it is you want from this life phase by getting clear on 3 crucial things

  • The truth about hormones & weight gain during menopause

  • How to put 4 critical nutrition skills into practice - & why restrictive diets won’t get sustainable results

  • How to prevent or potentially reverse age-related bone & muscle loss

  • How to transform your mindset – 3 strategies to help overcome common obstacles

How this course will be delivered:

Every Sunday you’ll receive a link to the course content & materials that relate to the topic we’ll be discussing for that week.

Then on a Thursday evening at 19:00GMT, we’ll have a live group video call (maybe not the right term?) where we’ll discuss the topic further. You’ll also get a weekly worksheet specific to topic to complete after the fact.

Ready to start?

Pre-sale opens on 19th January ’23 where early bird pricing (£119) will be available for a limited time - after this, the cost goes up to its regular price of £149.

Payment will be taken & then you'll have access to the members only section where the content will be posted weekly.

We start Sunday 5th February ’23, so make sure you have front row seats!

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