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Physical activity is essential for health & mental well-being

Personal Training that includes not only physical & nutritional guidance, but also the psychology of well-being.

I work closely with you set goals that align with your values, desires & priorities. Then we'll determine realistic, actionable steps you can take to bridge the gap between where you are now & where you want to be.

I provide support, encouragement & troubleshooting along the way to help you make the long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes that will work for you.

£30 per session

PT Sessions

Group Classes

Group classes are a great way to have fun & get into an easy fitness routine.

Come along & enjoy working out together.

All levels are welcome & tailored to. There's no shaming here, only support & positivity!











Training With Medical Conditions

GP Referrals

Exercise is beneficial for preventing &/or managing many common chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease & hypertension.

However, exercising with a medical condition requires additional precautions. You need a qualified, knowledgeable trainer with experience training people with chronic conditions.

I am a qualified GP Exercise Referral Specialist & Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes Specialist. Which means I can help with heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, asthma/COPD, mental health conditions & many more.

Together we will design a program that ensures your safety & provides a positive exercise experience. Which helps you stay on a path to a healthier lifestyle.

Prices Vary

Specialty Consultations

In addition to personal training, I also offer consultations & pre-exercise health screenings.

We'll speak about your goals, your obstacles, & delve deep into your personal circumstances.

Consultations can last anywhere from an hour to three. It depends on you & how much we have to talk about. They're usually a one off event before training, but can vary as much as needed.

£60 Per Session

A small amount of physical activity regularly can manager conditions such as

- coronary heart disease

- type 2 diabetes

- stroke &

- mental health

My programs are designed to get you moving. And keep you moving.

And that means making exercise an enjoyable experience that you are happy to commit to. 

Over 50's

Are you looking for an intervention to slow down the inevitable aging process? Or do you want to address the onset of a health condition? Or maybe you're starting to feel a decline in functional 


Then I guarantee that you will find physical activity beneficial.

In this consultation, I will design a program that will ensure the recovery, maintenance, &/or improvement in your physical function.

In addition to increasing your fitness, the program is designed to improve your confidence & grant you the ability to stay independent for longer. To get you the maximum benefits, without feeling impossible to keep up with.

Female Health Coaching

While women make up almost two-thirds of all personal training clients, their health issues remain largely ignored by much of the fitness industry. 

We address these conditions in my regular personal training sessions, but a consultation gives us the change to sit down and talk more in depth. More often than not, women are faced with the responsibilities of a hectic life. This often leads to roadblocks such as chronic stress & emotional fatigue. Usually caused by time & financial constraints, family obligations, & work.

We'll discuss how these challenges impact you personally and I'll teach you the skills to enable you to implement strategies that will help you make nutrition & exercise work in your 'real life'.

I use evidence based, body-positive, realistic & sustainable tactics to help you with your nutrition, training & self-care habits. Together we'll come up with an actionable plan to help you achieve your goals & facilitate long-term change in a manageable way.

Weight Loss/Obesity & Diabetes Training

Weight loss is hard and finding a program that doesn't just lecture about kcal deficits can seem impossible. But it's not! 

I offer a consultation designed specifically for you as an individual. We'll base it around your assessment results, personal goals, capabilities, and lifestyle.

We'll start with a lifestyle analysis to establish your existing habits. Then discuss practical approaches to changing behaviors & starting healthy habits. Including a positive mind-set & physical, mental & emotional self-care.

I'll design an effective physical activity program that is both safe & suitable for your abilities. While introducing you to lifestyle skills that can easily be adopted & applied to all aspects of your life. 

There will be no negative talk or shaming you into starving yourself. Only support, understanding & encouragement to help you make positive, sustainable behaviour changes to help you achieve your goals. 

Physical Function Assessments

A Functional Movement Assessment is a screening tool used to evaluate your fundamental movement patterns, strength imbalances & stability limitations.

It is not intended to diagnose orthopaedic problems but rather to identify areas that would benefit from targeted interventions. I then prescribe corrective exercises to:

  • improve your regular movement

  • reduce compensatory behaviours

  • relieve pain

  • lower your risk of injury

An assessment can either be booked as a one off screening or introduced as part of the pre-training evaluation. It is used to highlight deficits that will need to be addressed as part of the prescribed exercise program. It will then be repeated at intervals to monitor for improvements & effectiveness.

1 on 1 Sessions

Get the most out of your focused PT session with private, one on one coaching. Based on assessment results & your personal goals.

2 on 1 Sessions

Have budget constraints, or just want some extra company? Share a session with a friend & split the cost. The  program will be tailored to the abilities of both of you.

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